Northern Ohio Nursery Industry Enjoying Strong Fall Sales

Northern Ohio Nursery Industry Enjoying Strong Fall Sales


Photo credit: L. West

Despite a slow start in March due to cold weather, nursery growers in Northern Ohio are seeing encouraging signs of economic growth after weathering through several tough years. According to a recent News Herald article, fall sales are up for the $90-million-a-year industry that includes more than 100 nurseries mainly clustered in the Perry-Madison area.


Ohio growers remain cautiously optimistic, however, as the ever-present challenges of oversupply, decreased demand, and fuel and labor costs remain in the back of their minds. But they are encouraged by what they have seen so far.

“This is the first year in a number of years we are bouncing back and running into shortages in the industry,” says Annette Howard, executive director for Nursery Growers of Lake Country, in the News Herald article. “There is definitely a buzz that things are good.”