Scotts Launches New Osmocote Website

Scotts Launches New Osmocote Website

Scotts Professional has launched a new Web site exclusively for its Osmocote product line at

“Scotts Professional developed as a way to help growers quickly and easily learn about the technology that goes into every bag of Osmocote fertilizer,” says Chris Buchheit, ornamental horticulture marketing manager for Scotts Professional.


The new Web site includes updated product sheets, testimonials, usage tips and application rates for the entire Osmocote product line: Osmocote Classic, Osmocote Pro and Osmocote Plus. The site also features information about other nutrition products from Scotts Professional, including micronutrients, slow release fertilizer, topdress fertilizers, fertilizer tablets and Canadian formulations.

The new Web site also features a video demonstrating the Scotts Patterned Nutrient Release Technology that takes Osmocote Plus, Scotts Professional’s third generation Osmocote product, beyond the scope of traditional controlled release fertilizers.

“Controlled release fertilizers are designed to feed plants a consistent rate throughout the growth cycle,” Buchheit says. “However, some plants feed more heavily early in the growth cycle, and others feed more heavily later on. The video at demonstrates how the patterned release of Osmocote Plus makes it possible for growers to coordinate the delivery of nutrients with a plant’s specific feeding habits.”