Seeley Summit 2014 Will Focus On Water Scarcity

Seeley Summit 2014 Will Focus On Water Scarcity

seeley_summit_logo2The Seeley Conference Board  is relauching its conference after a two-year hiatus. The newly named Seeley Summit also has a new city – Lisle, Ill. The 2014 Seeley Summit will take place June 22-24.

For its 2014 focus, the board has chosen to tackle the issue of water scarcity. Board members believe water availability will be among the greatest challenges facing the floriculture industry in coming years.


Floriculture and horticulture’s major growing regions are in areas of regular water scarcity (arid west) or regions of occasional extreme shortage (southeast). No region is completely immune (Midwest drought, summer 2012). Ultimately, all sectors of the floriculture supply chain, including growers, retailers, landscapers and the end consumer are, or will be, affected by water scarcity.

The interactive, think-tank atmosphere of the Seeley Summit will allow for plenty of interaction with fellow industry leaders and water experts from outside our industry regarding these timely issues:

• What if you had to deal with the real cost, including distribution, of water?
• What if the direct cost of water to grow a pot plant, flat or hanging basket was equal to or exceeded the cost of the plastic or growing medium used?
• What would this do to your business?
• How do you make changes in your business to accommodate the current and future ever-increasing costs of water?
• In drought conditions, how do we convince the legislators (and consumers) to consider and factor in the environmental, social, economic and health/wellnesss benefits of plants, trees and flowers into any water restriction guidelines they’re considering?

For more information regarding the 2014 Seeley Summit, visit the event’s website or refer to the Seeley Conference fan page on Facebook .