Suntory And GGS Structures Unveil Action-Adventure Marketing Videos

Suntory And GGS Structures Unveil Action-Adventure Marketing Videos

Greenhouse suppliers are taking a shot at creating some of the action and adventure you’d normally find in Hollywood in their fall marketing. And they seem to be having a lot of fun making the videos.

Suntory has rolled out its Epic Journey Behind Sun Parasol Mandevillas video series. The first installment is an adventure-packed mini-movie detailing the story of Tomoya Misato, the breeder of Sun Parasol mandevillas. Misato had just discovered a mandevilla in the jungle when he was attacked and robbed by bandits.


The video series aims to honor the contributions of flower breeders worldwide and captures the passion, dedication and even danger behind plant breeding.

“When you think of flower breeders, the first image that comes to mind is a quiet scientist patiently pollinating plant specimens in a greenhouse, wearing a white laboratory coat,” says Taizo Chinju, managing director of Suntory Flowers. “To achieve something truly bold, beautiful and extraordinary, breeders must leave their laboratories and venture out into the world and explore new territory.”

Greenhouse supplier GGS Structures is marketing its line of greenhouses as zombie-proof in a series of short videos. The first two videos in the series are available for viewing now on YouTube (see them below).

“Fortunately for growers, a GGS greenhouse is not only the best environment for your plants, it is also a zombie’s worst nightmare,” says a release from GGS. “Some people have claimed that we specifically built our greenhouses to be zombie-proof. We cannot comment on that. What we can say is that crops tend to flourish in a GGS greenhouse, while zombies don’t do so well.”