The Latest Dye-Infused Orchid

'Yellow Tropics'

It’s been a few months since another dye-infused orchid color has been introduced but Plainview Growers unveiled its latest last week in ‘Yellow Tropics,’ the fourth color in its Colorfuze collection.


“’Yellow Tropics’ is kind of out of the norm for dyed orchids,” says Tom Van Vugt, vice president of sales at Plainview Growers. “The other three are blushing and purple tones. We start [‘Yellow Tropics’] with a larger, 13-centimeter-flowered white orchid. There is no true yellow of this flower size or flower count.”

Van Vugt says ‘Yellow Tropics’ sports a minimum of 10 flowers, all of which are cascading. An advantage for Plainview’s customers with ‘Yellow Tropics’ and the other Colorfuze orchids is uniformity across the four orchids.

“A lot of times when you ship an orchid, you may have a tall white and the customer wants a yellow with it,” Van Vugt says. “You may have some shorter ones. Orchid colors are all over the height spectrum.”

With Plainview, buyers can purchase a case and receive two to four different colors at the same price point.

“It’s really broadening the horizon because people are getting all these dark tones with the blues, lavenders and purples,” Van Vugt says. “Now we’re moving into some brighter colors.”

Van Vugt anticipates other colors will be added to Colorfuze over the next few months.

“The key is if we can have a new introduction every couple months, it keeps people interested in the dye thing,” he says. “You have to keep things fresh and new. The big thing for us is that big yellow flower – there’s nothing like it.”

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Avatar for Peggy Millett Peggy Millett says:

How do you dye your orchids to get your Blue Diamond Orchid. I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago and I was told by an employee at Lowe"s or Home Depot that the vivbrant purple and blue orchids were actually white orchids dyed. How do you do that?