Voices For Food To Address Food Security In Four Michigan Communities

Voices For Food To Address Food Security In Four Michigan Communities

Michigan State University ExtensionThe United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 15 percent of American households are food insecure. This includes 50.2 million homes, where nearly one in four of the nation’s children lives — 17 million youngsters in all and 9.6 million of them under the age of six.

A six-state, federally funded research project called Voices for Food has been launched to address food security in isolated communities known as “food deserts.” In Michigan, four communities will be selected to take part in the project.


Food deserts are defined as communities located more than 10 miles from a supermarket or other source of fresh, healthy and affordable food. The project will seek community-based strategies to increase the availability of and access to nutritious food in rural communities with high poverty rates.

The $4 million, five-year grant was announced last year. South Dakota State University (SDSU) is the lead institution for the multi-state collaborative project, led by Suzanne Stluka, Food and Families Program Director with SDSU Extension serving as principal investigator. The project and funding will also include university researchers at Michigan State University, Purdue, Nebraska, Missouri and Ohio State, who will be working with communities in their respective states.

To learn more, read the full article by Becky Henne of Michigan State University Extension.
Source: Michigan State University Extension News