10 New Perennials For 2016 Coming To A Garden Near You

10 New Perennials For 2016 Coming To A Garden Near You

New perennial varieties promise summer and fall color, greater heat and drought tolerance and pumped-up flower power. But what consumers seem to crave most lately is water-wise plants that are a good fit for low maintenance gardening. With the outstanding new perennial varieties out there, it is becoming easier to meet those needs and offer consumers plants that are a true asset to the garden. Here are 10 new varieties available in 2016 to consider for your plant line-up.




1. Asplenium scolopendrium, Hart’s Tongue Fern (Vitroplus)
This beautiful hardy fern grows well in filtered light and a well-drained soil. It is an evergreen that is hardy in Zones 4 to 5.

2. Campanula ‘Clockwise Deep Blue’ (Syngenta Flowers)
Campanula ‘Clockwise Deep Blue’ is a uniform, fast-growing perennial with dark blue, bell-shaped flowers that completely cover the plant. Deep Blue is the first F1 hybrid from seed on the market and has a nice compact habit that doesn’t require plant growth regulators. A true perennial, it re-flowers during the autumn months.

3. Cheilanthes lanosa Hairy Lip Fern (Vitroplus)
This gray-leafed fern is drought tolerant and needs good drainage. It grows well in moist garden soil and filtered light. The Hairy Lip Fern is evergreen and hardy to Zone 5.

4. Dianthus ‘EverLast Red + Pink’ (Selecta)
Red + Pink flushes early in spring, blooms late into the summer and flushes again in autumn. It is extremely floriferous, and its semi-double flowers are colorful and fragrant in each season (Zone 5 hardy).

5. Dianthus ‘Odessa Aston’ (Dümmen Orange)
The latest addition to the popular Odessa line of dianthus is Aston. This new variety adds a bright-fuchsia option to this first-year flowering line that is known for its heat and cold tolerance. Aston is notably taller than standard dianthus, reaching 10 to 12 inches in height and offering a refreshing alternative to low-growing varieties.

6. Digiplexis ‘Raspberry’ (Dümmen Orange)
An intergeneric cross, Digiplexis ‘Raspberry’ offers incredible consumer appeal with its bright, bold flower spikes. Two-foot-tall flower stalks add color and structure to customers’ gardens. Bold-textured, dark-green foliage sets off the vivid bloom color.

7. Perovskia ‘Caspian Blue’ (Michells)
‘Caspian Blue’ is a compact form of perovskia (Russian Sage) reaching a garden height of 18- to 24-inches. It has a more columnar plant form, which reduces the tendency for lodging. This variety is cold hardy to Zone 4 and is drought tolerant in warm climates.

8. Perovskia ‘Little Lace’ (Star Roses And Plants)
You won’t have to trim this compact perovskia back by half mid-season to keep its habit in check. Its foliage is much more finely textured compared to P. atriplicifolia, adding another layer of interest. It maintains a very tidy habit even in containers.

9. Phlox ‘Forever Pink’ (Green Leaf Plants)
Offered by Green Leaf Plants from Chicagoland Grows, this variety has deep pink, 1-inch flowers that appear in spring after P. subulata, and it has a beautiful, mounding habit that reaches 16-inches tall. Bulking and vernalization are recommended for spring flowering. ‘Forever Pink’ is a long-blooming and long-lived perennial that is hardy in Zones 4 to 8.

10. Phlox Sweet Seduction Series (Dümmen Orange)
An exciting new series introduction, Sweet Seduction is an interspecific series with excellent shade tolerance. New colors Blue and Pink allow growers to expand their shade programs with eye-catching, floriferous additions. Adaptable for both full sun and full shade, these varieties perform best in partial shade. Tiny, round leaves give interesting texture to this semi-spreading series. Vernalization is required for consistent flowering.