2015 Costa Farms (Miami, Fla.) Field Trials Results

2015 Costa Farms (Miami, Fla.) Field Trials Results

More than 500 varieties are tested at Costa Farms. Plants are transplanted into the trial garden each spring and grown in 6-inch pots to the finished stage. Miami’s tropical climate with high daytime temperatures and high night temperatues, as well as relative humidity levels consistently over 70 percent, always test the durability of trial entries.

Costa Farms breaks its field trial results down into three categories (Early Spring, Mid Spring, Late Spring) and  and puts out a report on each one.




Top Performers

■ Begonia BIG Series
■ Catharanthus Soiree Series
■ Celosia ‘1554’
■ Coleus ‘Campfire’
■ Colocasia ‘Royal Hawaiian White Lava’
■ Cuphea ‘Vermillionaire’
■ Gerbera Garvinea Series
■ Petchoa SuperCal Series
■ Salvia Grandstand Series
■ SunPatiens Series