2015 Dallas Arboretum (Dallas, Texas) Field Trials Results

2015 Dallas Arboretum (Dallas, Texas) Field Trials Results

Trials at the Dallas Arboretum are conducted year round and include annuals, perennials and bulbs, with roughly 3,000 entries per year. Dallas had several snow and ice events this winter, followed by recordbreaking rainfall and very little sunshine in the spring. The rain stopped once summer hit, and during July and August there were multiple weeks with highs well over 100 degrees.


Best Of Show

■ Bacopa ‘Snowstorm Blue Bubbles’
■ Gerbera ‘Funtastic Mango’

Top Performers

■ Basil ‘Balsamic Blooms’
■ Begonia ‘BabyWing Bicolor’
■ Coleus ‘Under the Sea Fish Net’
■ Impatiens Lollipop Series
■ Lobularia ‘Yolo Top Lavender’
■ Pepper (Capsicum) ‘Mambo Purple Orange’
■ Pentas Graffiti Series
■ Scaevola ‘Bondi White’
■ Torenia ‘Summer Wave Large Amethyst’
■ Vinca Solar Avalanche Series

Best In Show Spring Varieties

■ Bacopa ‘Snowstorm Blue Bubbles’
■ Diascia My Darling Series

Best In Show Summer Varieties

■ Gerbera ‘Funtastic Mango’
■ Mandevilla ‘Sundenia Coral’
■ Portulaca ‘Sun Dome White’

Consumer Favorites

■ Basil ‘Herbalea Snow White’
■ Hibiscus ‘Summerific Summer Storm’
■ Lantana Landmark Series
■ Mandevilla ‘SunParasol Giant White’
■ ‘Orange Zinger’ Tomato
■ Vinca ‘Cora Cascade Apricot’