2015 Metrolina Greenhouses (Huntersville, NC) Field Trials Results

2015 Metrolina Greenhouses (Huntersville, NC) Field Trials Results

The Metrolina test garden had 1,889 items this year: 1,254 annuals, 609 perennials and 26 shrubs. Around 385 perennials were carried over from last year for a second year of evaluation. This year, plans are to carry over 248 items. Plants used for the trial were run in-ground and in 14-inch containers.

Top Performers


■ Vinca Soiree Kawaii Series
■ Vinca Valiant Series
■ Vinca ‘Cora Cascade’
■ Petunia ‘Pink Diamond Charm,’ ‘Violet Star Charm’
■ Garvinea Gerbera Series
■ Nemesia Nuvo Series
■ Celosia ‘Dragon’s Breath’
■ Celosia Kelos Fire Series

Top Performing Perennials

■ Gerbera Garvinea Series
■ Kniphofia ‘Ember Glow’
Phlox paniculata Early Series
Phlox paniculata Flame Series
■ Coreopsis Li’l Bang Series
■ Digitalis ‘Polkadot’
■ Sedum ‘Pure Joy’
■ Tradescantia ‘Amethyst Kiss’