21 New Blooming Potted Plants For Trouble-Free Greenhouse Production

21 New Blooming Potted Plants For Trouble-Free Greenhouse Production

When you are on the hunt for a ready-made gift that adds a special touch or décor that brightens up the holidays, blooming potted plants are the perfect choice. They offer versatility indoors and out, from a pot sitting in a sunny spot on the kitchen counter to a container plant in the outdoor garden to cut flowers for weddings and special occasions. For small-space gardeners, blooming potted plants add an eye-catching pop of color. And mixes and combos are more popular than ever, whether it’s with other traditional potted plants or with perennials and annuals.

New breeder introductions promise the uniformity, compactness and pest resistance that smooth out production hassles and make shipping easier for growers. With more emphasis on environmentally responsible growing, breeders are bringing out more and more potted plants with low-input requirements and increased drought tolerance, as well.


Here are 21 new 2015 introductions available for growers now that will hit retail shelves soon.





1. Asiatic Lily Overjoyed Series Mixes (Flamingo Holland)
Combining your Asiatic Lilies has never been easier with these six winning mixes. The stunning On Cloud Nine combo consists of large pink and white flowers that will be gorgeous for Mother’s Day.

2. Azalea ‘First Kiss’ (Keepsake Plants)
This sweet bicolor has masses of vibrant, fuchsia flowers and a full plant canopy. It can be grown under shade for shiny green foliage. Blooms have a single flower form and each measures 3- to 3 ½-inches in diameter. Plants are available as dormant, ready-to-force and finished product.

3. Caladium ‘Burning Heart’ (Abbott-Ipco Caladiums)
‘Burning Heart’ is a fancy-leaf introduction that has a unique bronze color pattern with orange/pink spots and a branching habit that is suitable for pots, containers or the landscape. It is a fast-growing intermediate to tall upright that reaches 18- to 20-inches in height.

4. Caladium ‘Snow Drift’ (Abbott-Ipco Caladiums)
‘Snow Drift’ is a fancy-leaf introduction with bright-white leaves and green veins that do not turn green with de-eying.
It has a short crop time and better habit than Candidum or Candidum Senior.

5. Calla ‘Callafornia Bubble Gum’ (Golden State Bulb)
‘Bubble Gum’ has bright-pink blooms, thick, sturdy stems and matte foliage. It is a preview of what is to come from Callafornia Callas’s new breeding efforts. Bubble Gum has a long post-harvest shelf life and an abundance of non-nodding blooms.

6. Calla Speckle Series (Flamingo Holland)
There are five vibrant colors in this new series from Flamingo Holland. With their unique, speckled foliage, these compact Callas were selected for ease in growing and speed of flowering. They are hardy in Zones 7 to 9.

7. Campanula ‘Rapido’ (Kieft Seed)
‘Rapido’ is ideal for high-volume, bench-run pot-plant programs for 4-inch pots or gallons. It’s versatile and well-suited to patio planters and gardens, as well as being an indoor novelty pot plant. It’s one of the earliest C. carpatica varieties, flowering up to 4 weeks earlier than other varieties. ‘Rapido’ is available in Blue and White.

8. Coreopsis ‘Buttermilk’ (Terra Nova Nurseries)
‘Buttermilk’ is a sun-loving variety with feathery, mildew-resistant foliage and flowers that glow light yellow. This extra-hardy Coreopsis verticillata has a long bloom time and a clean, manicured habit. Foliage height is 15 inches, foliage spread 25 inches and flower height is 17 inches. Hardy to Zone 5.

9. Cyclamen ‘Abanico Saumon’ (Ch. Morel)
Abanico Cyclamen’s are midi-types with medium-sized flowers and dense foliage that has pointed leaves. They have slightly wavy, fan-shaped flowers that are edged in white and come in three colors. They show remarkable uniformity with a very round plant habit and are early flowering from September.

10. Cyclamen ‘Abanico Violet’ (Ch. Morel)
Abanico Cyclamen’s are midi-types with medium-sized flowers and dense foliage that has pointed leaves. They have slightly wavy, fan-shaped flowers that are edged in white and come in three colors. They show remarkable uniformity with a very round plant habit and are early flowering from September.

11. Cyclamen Perfetto Series (Syngenta Flowers)
The Perfetto Cyclamen series is perfect for pots with its compact, upright habit and short stems. Perfetto has large, brightly colored flowers and is available in seven colors and two mixes. The series allows for high density production and efficient transportation due to its compact size.

12. Cyclamen ‘Picasso’ (Sakata Ornamentals)
‘Picasso’ is a mini-silverleaf cyclamen with a crop time of 27 to 29 weeks and is recommended for use in packs and 4-inch containers. Its silvery foliage sets off beautiful, fragrant blooms, and its open plant structure makes it a great potting plant for both indoor and outdoor use.

13. Eucomis ‘Aloha Lily Kona’ (Golden State Bulb)
Kona is the newest addition to the Aloha Lily Eucomis collection. Kona’s deep-burgundy buds open to glossy blooms, offset by bright-yellow anthers. It has a lovely coconut fragrance and blooms that last for months. Aloha Lily is a low input collection that is essentially pest and disease free and drought tolerant once established.

14. Gerbera Bengal Series (Syngenta Flowers)
The new Bengal Gerbera series is perfect for pots that are six-inch or larger with its large, showy flowers and robust plant habit. Bengal is the larger, more vigorous version of the best-selling Jaguar Gerbera series. Bengal is available in a variety of colors, including Orange, Rose, Red, Yellow and White.

15. Gerbera Revolution Series (Kieft Seed)
When it comes to uniformity of flowering window across a complete color range, Revolution is one of the leading standard-size pot gerbera and is fully programmable for high-density production year-round. The new bicolors further enhance the series offering.

16. Hibiscus ‘Disco Belle’ (Sakata Ornamentals)
‘Disco Belle’ is a compact hibiscus, growing 24- to 32-inches tall. It can be grown in areas with a short summer season and has the added bonus of being a low-cost seed item product compared to vegetative hibiscus.

17. Hibiscus ‘Tradewinds Pink Tortuga’ (Keepsake Plants)
The fluorescent, hot-pink flowers are huge at 5 ¼- to 6-inches in diameter. Loads of buds are nestled in the healthy, glossy-green foliage, and they provide abundant flowers all season long. ‘Pink Tortuga’ is strong branching with a compact habit.

18. Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hokomano Everlasting Noblesse’ (Plants Nouveau)
Everlasting Noblesse’s crisp, celery-green flowers are brightened by white centers with complimentary purple eyes. As the blooms mature, the white is not as prominent, turning a more saturated green. A strong grower, with remarkable flower power, Noblesse also works well as a cut flower.

19. Leucanthemum ‘Macaroon’ (Terra Nova Nurseries)
‘Macaroon’ has double flowers that start out yellow and open to bicolor white with yellow centers. When fully mature, flowers are white with gold centers. This vigorous plant forms a low, tight mound only 13-inches tall and is well branched with many stems. Foliage height is 12 inches, foliage spread 24 inches and flower height 13 inches. Hardy in Zones 5 to 8.

20. Primula ‘Paradiso Late’ (Schoneveld Breeding)
Primula ‘Paradiso Late’ is a Primula acaulis that is environmentally friendly to cultivate. The quantity of growth regulators needed to keep the often vigorous growth in check is reduced. The plant is fairly insensitive to diseases or yellowing leaves. ‘Primula Paradiso Late’ will be available in eight colors in 2016.

21. Ranunculus ‘Sprinkles’ (Schoneveld Breeding)
‘Sprinkles’ is a half-height Ranunculus that flourishes at relatively cool temperatures. Within the familiar Ranunculus Sprinkles mix there will be two new colors introduced in 2016, ‘Sprinkles Orange’ and ‘Sprinkles Violet Bi-Color’ (already available in the mix). In 2016, the Ranunculus Sprinkles series will be available in eight colors.