5 Ways to Tie Poinsettias to Lifestyle Trends for Increased Sales

5 Ways to Tie Poinsettias to Lifestyle Trends for Increased Sales

Euphorbia 'Gold Rush'

‘Gold Rush’ poinsettia easily switches from warm autumnal décor to traditional holiday decorating schemes. Image courtesy of Dümmen Orange.

With poinsettia planning upon us, here are a few ideas to incorporate them into upcoming lifestyle and home décor trends. When this is done correctly, it can provide a basis for considerable growth of sales and customer loyalty.


Anticipate Applications
Keep in mind that 6-inch and smaller poinsettias are usually purchased as gifts, while larger sizes are typically purchased as home décor. If your customer base supports it, consider adding mini poinsettias paired with do-it-yourself project ideas like terrariums or table centerpieces.

Appeal to the Value-Minded Customer

Appreciate the versatility of unique varieties that can transition from one season into the next. An example is ‘Gold Rush’ poinsettia, which easily switches from warm autumnal décor to traditional holiday schemes. Demonstrate this potential in your retail display, and customers will make a mental note to return and refresh their décor when the seasons change.

Stock Unexpected Plants

Shoppers can find traditional red and white poinsettias almost anywhere, so why not wow them with unusual offerings? Bring a fresh perspective to your holiday program with unique poinsettia varieties and colorful, long-lasting potted crops, such as flowering kalanchoe.

Inspire With Retail Sets

Build consumer confidence around new or unusual varieties by demonstrating décor applications in styled retail sets, expanding the opportunity to cross-merchandise and build sales.

Create a Destination

Appeal to fashion-forward shoppers and promote ongoing sales by launching a social media campaign, in-store promotion, or buyer rewards program centered around an ever-evolving, always-on-trend retail set.


Euphorbia 'Ferrara'

Poinsettias with bright-red colors are popular with consumers. Pictured: Euphorbia ‘Ferrara.’ Image courtesy of Dümmen Orange.

Two Questions with Angela Mekjian, Poinsettia Product Manager at Dümmen Orange

(Greenhouse Grower, GG): Have you seen any new or exciting developments in the poinsettia market that will impact growers?
Angela Mekjian: Consumers have a strong preference for the bright pinks of the Euphorbia hybrid types. ‘Luv U Pink’ and Princettias have been singled out as trial winners in multiple trials across the country. Consumers don’t make the distinction between a Euphorbia hybrid and a traditional poinsettia. They just love the bright, clean, colors. This is very apparent with pinks as they are ranked consistently high in trials.

Bright reds like ‘Burning Ember’ or ‘Ferrara’ are also popular with consumers. We would traditionally have considered ‘Burning Ember’ an orange-red, but again, consumers just see it as a cheerful red. These colors stand out well at retail and win notice at trials.

Finally, consumers have a strong preference for pure whites. They interpret standard industry whites as yellow or cream at best, and if given the option, they will go for the pure white.

GG: What are some ways you think the poinsettia market can be changed to increase sales?
Mekjian: Here are a few suggestions.
• Make sure consumers know poinsettias are not poisonous.
• Increase their visibility at retail. Consumers would like to see the products, not sleeved plants on racks.
• Take advantage of varieties that are natural season extenders. Peaches and oranges for Thanksgiving and bright pinks for October or Valentine’s Day.
• Make gifting of poinsettias easy, so customers see them as a great option.