7 Blooming Potted Plants You Should Know: Part One

7 Blooming Potted Plants You Should Know: Part One

Gloxinia 'Avanti Blue'

Gloxinia ‘Avanti Blue’ (from Sakata)
A long-lasting pot plant with impressive bell-shaped, velvety flowers, ‘Avanti Blue’s’ small leaves nicely offset the striking blooms.



Campanula ‘Appeal Deep Blue’ (from Sakata)
Deep blue, long-lasting flowers make this variety a standout in spring assortments. The huge bell-shaped flowers are produced continuously throughout the season.


Primula ‘Danova Rose & White Bicolor’ (from Sakata)
Danova is a popular series for mid-early season sales, and Rose & White Bicolor is an eye-catching addition. All Danova cultivars have uniform plant habit, flower size and quality.

Platycodon ‘Astra Blue’ (from Sakata)
This floriferous and showy platycodon grabs customers’ attention every time. It is perfect for the garden bed or patio pot and also makes an excellent gift. ‘Astra Blue’ can be offered as an annual or perennial for continuous flowering throughout the season.

Begonia ‘Amstel Rio’ (from Red Fox)
Ideal for 4-inch containers or larger, this begonia has beautiful large, ruffled yellow and orange bi-colored flowers.

Kalanchoe ‘Calandiva Ewbanks’ (from Fides Oro)
Extremely long-lasting flowers, drought tolerant and easy to care for, ‘Calandiva Ewbanks’ is a new large-flowered double white addition to the Calandiva series. It is best for either 4- or 6-inch pots and produces abundant flower clusters.

Dianthus ‘Olivia’ (from Dümmen Bartels)
Continuous flowering, a soft fragrance and unique color set this dianthus apart from the rest. The flowers have a lime green center with a burgundy edge. ‘Olivia’ is heat tolerant and easy to grow. Perfect for 4- to 6-inch pots, combos or as a ground cover.