A Plant That’s Adaptable Almost Anywhere

A Plant That’s Adaptable Almost Anywhere

A Plant That's Adaptable Almost Anywhere


Delosperma, commonly called ice plants, not only stand up to blistering sun, sandy soils and drought, but they’re capable of thriving in these conditions. Most are reliably hardy, overwintering in Zones 4 to 5, depending on variety. They’re ideal choices for green roofs, rock gardens and other punishing, arid locations.


With a mature height of only 1 to 4 inches, delosperma make outstanding weed-smothering groundcovers that will brighten places few other plants dare to go. Among the most delosperma varieties available are those from Green Leaf Plants, which include: ‘Red Mountain,’ ‘Starburst,’ ‘Lavender Ice’ and ‘Mesa Verde.’

There are also three additional varieties in the offering this year:

1. ‘Blut,’ with startling magenta flowers that explode over deep green succulent foliage;
2. ‘Oberg,’ with light pink buds that open to white flowers; and
3. ‘Congestum,’ with cheery, luminous yellow flowers that contrast well with the green foliage.

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