Agrexco Group: New Varieties For 2012

Agrexco Group: New Varieties For 2012

Petunia ‘Happy Copper’ from Cohen

Cohen Propagation Nurseries


Astra osteospermums–Rose with Eye, Apricot Yellow and Orange Sunrise

Bacopa ‘Secrets XL Double Blush White,’ ‘Secrets XXL Double Lavender’

Bidens–’Giant Sun,’ ‘Bee Double Yellow’ and ‘Bee Compact Patio Yellow’

Brachyscome ‘Bellissima White’

California lobelias–six colors

Cupheas–six new varieties

Evita lantanas–six colors

Gloria euphorbias

Happy petunias–eight full size and three minis

Imagine dahlias–seven colors

Lamiums ‘Ghost,’ ‘Marshmallow’ and ‘Sensation’

Mandevillas from Isaacson Flowers

Lapel verbenas

Mini Me petunias–seven colors

Mystic dahlias–Fantasy, Memories and Spirit

Southern Bell lantana–four colors

Tiara verbenas–six colors

Verbena ‘Estrella Salmon Star’


Basil ‘Long Foot’

Lavenders ‘Pretty Poly,’ ‘Purple Wing’ and ‘Regal Splendor’

Lippia ‘Sugar plant’

Peppers ‘Sweet Cone’ and ‘Big Devil’

Riding Hood penstemons–six colors

Salvia officinalis

Tiny Bells peppers–Red, Orange and Yellow

Isaacson Flowers

Sedums from Jaldety

Alamandas ‘Caramel Blush’ and ‘Siam Snow’

Mandevillas–six new single colors

Mandevilla ‘Super Trouper Double Pink’

Four experimental dipladenias


Adessa angelonias–Bicolor, Purple and White

Erysimum ‘Fragrant Star’

Gazania ‘Otomi’

Salvia nemerosas ‘East Freisland,’ ‘Blue Hill,’ ‘Caradonna’ and ‘Snow Hill’

Sedums ‘Chocolate Ball,’ ‘Album Coral Carpet,’ ‘Dasyphyllun’ and ‘Lineare’

Thunbergia ‘Arizona Dark Red’

Veronicas ‘Knallnbau’ and ‘Heidekind’