All-America Selections Introduces Additional 2015 Winners

All-America Selections Introduces Additional 2015 Winners

All-America Selections has announced more 2015 AAS Winners, bringing the grand total of introductions for the 2015 gardening year to 25. The seven winners join the 12 announced last November and six announced last July. This year, AAS has had the most winners in one year since 1939.

Many of the winners announced for 2015 are the first in a class to be granted an AAS award, such as brussels sprouts, garlic chives, oregano and pak choi.


This 2015 winners include:

  • Basil ‘Persian’ – Regional Winner (Heartland, Mountain/Southwest and West/Northwest)
  • Beet ‘Avalanche’ – National Winner
  • Broccoli ‘Artwork’  F1 – National Winner
  • Chives, garlic ‘Geisha’ – National Winner
  • Dianthus ‘Jolt Pink’ F1- National Winner
  • Oregano ‘Cleopatra’ – Regional Winner (Northeast and West/Northwest)
  • Petunia ‘Tidal Wave Red Velour’ F1 – National Winner

These varieties are now available for immediate sale to brokers and growers. Consumers will find these winners for sale in the coming months as supply gradually becomes available throughout the chain of distribution.

A complete list of trial grounds and judges can be found here.

A complete list of all AAS Winners since 1932 can be found here. The AAS Winners can now be sorted by flowers from seed, flowers from cuttings and vegetables.