Allan Armitage, Garden Answers App Partner to Help Consumers ID Plants

Allan Armitage, Garden Answers App Partner to Help Consumers ID Plants

Garden-Answers-App-Allan-AppThe Garden Answers App, which features more than three million users, and Dr. Allan Armitage’s Great Garden Plants App have joined forces. The collaboration will ultimately benefit homeowners, new gardeners, new garden center employees, and growers new to the industry, by helping them instantly identify a plant from a picture via Garden Answers, while also offering detailed plant information through a combination of written word, photos, and videos.

Both Garden Answers and Armitage’s Great Garden Plants have created links on each app to drive traffic between the two to increase the level of information that the end user has access to. For example, if a user is on Armitage’s Great Garden Plants App and wants to identify a plant, they will take a photo of it and click a link that takes them to the free Garden Answers app where they can upload the picture for identification. Conversely if a user is on the Garden Answers app and wants or needs more detailed information about a plant the app has identified for them, they can watch a video about the plant and/or click a link that will take them to the Armitage App. They can then refer to Dr. A’s content on his app as well as download customized plant specifics and success tips, from a seasoned garden professional, for growing the plant in their own garden.


“Our users are brand new to gardening; they don’t know the difference between a weed or a flower,” says Alex Shah, owner and architect of the Garden Answers App. “In fact, most are new homeowners with all these plants in their yards. They want to know, ‘Which ones do I keep, and which ones need to be pulled out?’ Garden Answers gets them from first to second base in identifying their plant, and Armitage’s Great Garden Plants app takes them all the way to home base with detailed information they will need to grow and care for their plant. Together our two apps are a great educational tool.”

Allan Armitage is equally excited.

“I love sharing plant knowledge with gardeners, rookies, or veterans,” he says. “The industry understands that we must make our expertise much more easily available and simple to understand. The more information consumers have, the more they appreciate the products we grow. Combining forces with Garden Answers now provides users of the Armitage App the ability to identify plants through photos taken from their phones. This will provide one more stepping stone to help gardeners, designers, and anyone else who need help with plant use and identification.”

The partnership between the two apps will change how consumers and green industry professionals identify unknown plants and shorten the length of time in obtaining that information. For instance, because identifying plants takes a large amount of time during the work day for retailers, this can help professionals more quickly and accurately identify plants. That frees up time for the retailer to assist customers by providing suggestions on companion plants or pruning techniques and tools, and bringing up other sales opportunities.

Both apps are available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.