Anticipated Annuals

Anticipated Annuals

Anticipated Annuals

Syngenta Flowers



Vestidos Yellow‘ is a unique tri-color daisy that has colorful blooms, an upright habit and dense, lacey foliage. It blooms continuously through hot summers.

Bandana lantana is an easy-to-grow series with a mounding habit that is grower friendly and looks great in containers and landscapes. The exceptionally large flower size makes this variety an excellent season extender with its outstanding color and heat tolerance. Two new colors to this series include White and Lemon Zest.

The Arrow snapdragon series is very early-flowering. In new colors orange and formula mix, this garden-type snapdragon features a strong central leader with dense lateral branches that stand up to wind and rain.

Elation dianthus is among the earliest and best branching interspecific series on the market. The long-lasting garden performance with abundant flowering makes it a versatile plant for spring or fall. The newest color to this series is Coral.

Ball Horticultural Co.

The Versa coleus series comes from the Simply Beautiful selection. This series includes ‘Burgundy to Green,’ ‘Crimson Gold,’ ‘Green Halo,’ ‘Lime’ and ‘Rose to Lime.’ This late-flowering, well-branched, vigorous coleus can be placed in either the sun or shade. It will reach a height of 24 inches and will spread up to 22 inches.

Another Simply Beautiful selection, the Breathless euphorbia series, comes in White and Blush color options. This all-new series includes the only red-flushed leaf form plus a better-branched white. These euphorbia are heat-tolerant, fine-textured varieties that fill in fast and display a showy mass of self-cleaning flowers all season long. This variety will spread up to 28 inches.

The ‘Rhythm & Blues petunia is a mounded, spreading and very free-flowering petunia that has eye-catching blue flowers with a white rim. Excellent season-long, it shows off color in large baskets and containers. ‘Rhythm & Blues’ has a very stable flower pattern for creating stunning blooms.

Easy Wave petunias are fast and easy growers, perfect for containers and beds. New colors to this series include Burgundy Star, Plum Vein and Violet. Exceptional uniformity and well-matched habit make Easy Wave a versatile spreading petunia. This series offers a more mounded, more controlled spreading habit than low-growing Wave varieties. These Easy Waves can spread up to 3 feet.

Selecta First Class

MiniFamous Double Lemon’ is a ground-breaking flower display that’s easy to grow. It flowers very early and with a lot of flowers at the same time. The habit and branching are great, and fit any format from quart, gallon and baskets to mixed containers of any kind.

One of the top varieties for 2009/10 is ‘Soleil Purple,’ a drought-tolerant petunia. It needs to be grown dry so it looks great at point of sale. It is not just another petunia, it is a convenience plant for consumers and a great landscaping variety. This petunia loves sun and tolerates heat, and it grows when watered and flowers when drought stressed.

Lascar White verbena is a new addition to Selecta’s low to medium vigorous verbena line − perfect for pots, mono baskets and mixed containers of any kind. It has huge flowers, a clear but brilliant white color, is nicely scented and flowers very early. This well-branched, mounding plant is now available in 10 distinct colors. Coming from an Australian-bred verbena program, ‘Lascar White’ has excellent disease tolerance.


Proven Winners

Pretty Much Picasso’ is a self-cleaning petunia that enjoys full sun and is hardy to Zones 10 and 11. It sports unique violet purple flowers edged in lime green. This vigorous plant is great for mixing in combination with other vigorous plants.

Lucia,’ a dark blue lobelia, is another self-cleaning variety from Proven Winners. Allow the soil surface to dry before watering again. Hardy to Zones 9-11, ‘Lucia’ has true blue flowers, which can be difficult to find in nature. This lobelia has a better heat tolerance than older varieties.

Ipomoea ‘Illusion Midnight Lace’ is great as an annual ground cover. It’s also an excellent foliage component plant in combinations with superb heat tolerance and good vigor. Midnight Lace is hardy to Zones 10 and 11 and prefers sun to partial shade. This ipomoea can spread up to 12 inches. It was chosen by Real Simple magazine as a Top 10 “goof proof plant.”

Unlike most alyssum, ‘Snow Princess‘ will bloom through the summer. This plant is sterile so it will bloom all summer without deadheading, and also prefers a drier soil with good drainage. ‘Snow Princess’ will reach a height of 6 inches and a width of 10 inches.