Ball Horticultural Expands Garden and Potted Rose Offerings

Ball Horticultural Expands Garden and Potted Rose Offerings

Newflora Kordes RosesBall Horticultural Company has purchased the assets of Newflora LLC, which included the master license to sell an extensive line of garden and potted rose offerings throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 2003, Newflora has been the exclusive agent for Kordes, the world’s largest breeder of roses.

The transaction transfers the Kordes garden rose license management to Star Roses and Plants, and the Kordes potted rose license management to Ball Ingenuity, a division of Ball that has successfully introduced and managed a diverse range of flowering potted plants into the North American market since its inception in 2011.


“The trialing, supply management, and patent protection of Kordes that was well-cared for by Newflora will continue at Star Roses and Plants,” says Steve Hutton, President of Star Roses and Plants. “We are excited to expand our network of garden rose offerings to our customers, which will ultimately grow the North American market and introduce gardeners to a wider variety of roses.”

“We appreciate the work that Newflora has done to introduce Kordes Roses in North America and are excited about these new relationships with two industry leading companies, Star Roses and Plants and Ball,” says Tim Kordes of W. Kordes’ Söhne. “This new contract paves the way for a ‘flowerfull’ future with more beautiful and durable garden roses for North American gardens.”

“We are confident that the North American licensing of Kordes is in good hands, and that our network of licensees will continue to find success in the rose marketplace,” say Gary and Chris Pellett, founders of Newflora, LLC., who will continue to support these programs through a transition period.

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