Ball Seed Moving Garden Mums Production From California to Florida

Ball Seed Moving Garden Mums Production From California to Florida

Ball garden mumsBall Seed has announced it will move production of its garden mums (Ball Mums) for the 2019 season to a farm in Alva, FL, owned by Syngenta Flowers. For the past 10 years, Ball Mums have been produced and supplied out of Oxnard, CA.

The new partnership expands both Ball Seed and Syngenta’s production capabilities, as these newly built facilities assist growers with improved quality. Syngenta has invested in significant improvements to its Alva mum facility following damage left by Hurricane Irma in late summer 2017.


“We are very excited to partner with Syngenta to bring world-class garden mums to today’s growers,” says Scott Roskuszka, Supply Chain Director for Ball Seed. “We believe the climate is desirable for this crop, and the team at Alva has several hundred years’ experience collectively in developing stock, ready for the 2019 season.”

Roskuszka says he expects the transition to be seamless, as the companies’ internal systems are very similar, which will allow growers to receive top-quality cuttings backed by well-trialed and performance-based genetics.

“This mum partnership allows Syngenta to better use our assets and newly remodeled greenhouses, providing high-quality cuttings while optimizing our farm efficiency,” says Scott Valentine, Head of Syngenta Flowers, North America. “Filling our Alva farm maximizes the utility of our assets and helps secure and balance skilled labor in today’s challenging marketplace.”

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