Ball Seed to Partner With Tagawa Greenhouses on New Succulent Offerings

Ball Seed to Partner With Tagawa Greenhouses on New Succulent Offerings

Ball, Tagawa Succulents PartnershipBall Seed and Tagawa Greenhouses in Brighton, CO, are partnering to bring growers a new cutting-edge assortment of succulents specially chosen to cover a range of colors, forms, and textures. With these trendy selections,

Ball Seed customers can easily build a comprehensive succulent program and stay on-trend in the marketplace, according to Jim Kennedy, Sales Director for Ball Seed.


“The new program includes in-demand retail products that are super-popular with younger shoppers,” Kennedy says. “The expert succulent team at Tagawa Greenhouses has selected varieties both unique and recognized to build programs that sell.”

With a versatile range to make combinations and décor pieces, Ball Seed can provide ways to create a customized succulent mix or keep it simple with one of two mixed tray options (Liner 50 trays with a mix of five or 10 varieties). The program is available 52 weeks a year, with guaranteed truck shipping to the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest regions offered many of those weeks.

In an interview with Greenhouse Grower, Kennedy notes that one of the reasons Ball Seed partnered with Tagawa was because of its outstanding truck delivery and logistics solutions across the North American market, including truck deliveries to many growers.

“Tagawa’s climate, including itsNew Mexico operation, is well-suited for quality and consistency in propagation of this type of product,” Kennedy says. “Our customers are looking for a full assortment of products from one supplier, delivered reliably and on time. Tagawa’s current offering of seed-raised plugs, rooted vegetative liners, and prefinished annuals, combined with this new succulent program, make them uniquely suited to meet this demand from our greenhouse grower customers.”

Kennedy also notes that Ball is expanding itssupply of succulents to better-serve its customers.

“Succulents check a lot of boxes for today’s consumer, and I see the market continuing to expand,” Kennedy says. “Some of our customers want to bring in finished succulents in a decorative pot, and we have Ball Seed suppliers that serve that market really well. Some prefer a young plant (rooted liner or plug) and we are expanding our sources and logistics solutions for those customers. And still others prefer unrooted cuttings, and we continue to expand our supply to meet the increasing demands of the market.”

Growers can contact their Ball Seed sales rep or Ball ColorLink associate for details, or order online at

The 2018 Ball Seed Tagawa Greenhouses succulent inventory program is now available for download.