Begonia Hybrid ‘Miss Malibu’ Takes Home FleuroStar Award

Begonia Hybrid ‘Miss Malibu’ Takes Home FleuroStar Award

Begonia Miss MalibuFleuroselect, an international organization for the ornamental plants industry, has announced that Begonia hybrid ‘Miss Malibu’ from Dümmen Orange is the winner of the FleuroStar Award for 2016/2017. Nadine Rijk, Breeder of ‘Miss Malibu,’ and Josep Maria Padrosa Benet, Product Manager, accepted the prize from FleuroStar Committee Chairman Heike Gronemann and Sally van der Horst, Secretary General of Fleuroselect.

The new “Winner with the Wow Factor” was announced at the Green Inspiration Event on June 16 in Amsterdam. The networking event is organized by the Dutch media agency Tuinbouwcommunicatie in cooperation with Fleuroselect.


‘Miss Malibu’ from Dümmen Orange was competing against Argyranthemum ‘Grandaisy Yellow’ (Moerheim New Plant), Dahlia ‘Dahlegria Red Yellow Bicolor’ (Florensis), Dianthus caryophyllus ‘Capitán Colón’ (Selecta), and GineTato/Egg&Chips (Beekenkamp/Thompson&Morgan).

With its massive, dark-pink blasts of color, ‘Miss Malibu’ brings flavor to the garden. It displays a wealth of huge double flowers that cannot be overlooked in the garden center. Thanks to its semi-trailing plant habit, it is suited for containers, hanging baskets, and bedding schemes. It provides continuous color throughout the summer until the first frosts.

Worthy Winner’s Package

The new FleuroStar winner will receive considerable marketing support. TuinbouwCommunicatie offers an advertising campaign. Fleuroselect promotes the new winner at trade fairs and industry events and provides ready-to-use marketing materials including lifestyle photos, a promotion video, and leaflets, as well as ongoing promotion support.

The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials week in June in the Netherlands and Germany. Fleuroselect members can enter their top breeding breakthrough of the season to become the new ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’.