Benary Bringing Seed Boliviensis To Market

Benary Bringing Seed Boliviensis To Market

Begonia boliviensis 'Santa Cruz Sunset' from Benary

Begonia boliviensis has always been a vegetatively produced crop – until now.


Benary, exhibiting at this week’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., showcased its new seed-based Begonia boliviensis, ‘Santa Cruz Sunset.’ This particular variety, like other boliviensis varieties, can be used in hanging baskets. But Benary’s Scott Hames says Santa Cruz has also been a strong performer in 6-inch pots.

“Our head of breeding trialed it in Fort Myers, Fla., in the dead of summer last year,” Hames says, “and it looked great. It’s showing great heat and drought tolerance.”

Another grower benefit of Santa Cruz is that because it is seed based, there are no royalties associated with it.

“We’re getting great response from growers that they can use this as a great alternative to Bonfire,” Hames says. “They’ve made comments how it being seed based will save them some money.”

‘Santa Cruz Sunset’ has already been nominated for the 2012 American Garden Award.

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