‘Big Sky Gemini Pink’ Echinacea From ItSaul Plants

‘Big Sky Gemini Pink’ Echinacea From ItSaul Plants

'Big Sky Gemini Pink' echinacea from ItSaul Plants and Saul Nurseries

Echinacea ‘Big Sky Gemini Pink’ is an exciting new flower form of echinacea. It was named after the constellation Gemini (the twins) due to the double rows of clear, pink ray-formed petals. These twin rows remain horizontal for the life of the flower, giving the appearance of an anemone or dahlia.


Selling Points

First introduced to the market in 2011, Gemini Pink makes an ideal flower choice for perennial gardens and containers. The heavy bud count and vigorous habit gave this breakthrough echinacea a top rating at ItSaul Plants and Saul Nurseries during its development.

Gemini Pink provides a pleasant fragrance that drifts through the garden, as well as a naturally rounded habit that translates into a plant with foliage to the base and flowers displayed uniformly above the foliage. These flowers have long-lasting color that remains fade-resistant through the hottest summer temperatures. The echinacea’s clear pink coloring pops against the yellow and blue flowers of other summer blooming perennials, such as ‘Moon Traveler’ daylily, ‘Colorwheel’ stokesia, ‘David’s Lavender’ phlox (in the garden) and ‘Fireworks’ pennisetum (in a container).

Production Tips

Gemini Pink boasts above average disease resistance to the usual echinacea predators, maintaining clean, dark green foliage throughout the season. This echinacea tops out at 24 inches and is hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 8.

For growing success, plant it in the spring and water only when dry. It is available in tissue culture and plugs. Gemini Pink prefers full sun and should be grown in an area with good drainage. Be sure to use a pH-neutral or higher fertilizer. The variety also needs to be pinched.

Where To Use Gemini Pink

Between the fragrance, the showy double flower and the easy-to-manage habit, this plant is a must-have in any sun perennial garden. Butterflies and bees love Gemini Pink, and from summer to fall, this echinacea attracts songbirds, which feed on the cone’s dried seeds. Gemini Pink also makes a great long-lasting cut flower for the kitchen table or as a special occasion gift.

Overall, echinacea Gemini Pink enhances the appearance of any garden. With the great structural integrity of the flower and the sheer pink color, this
variety is shaping up to be the star of the Big Sky echinacea series.