Danziger Highlights The Best Of Its 2016 New Variety Introductions

Danziger Highlights The Best Of Its 2016 New Variety Introductions

After a long day during California Spring Trials (CAST), Vice President of Marketing Chanochi Zaks highlighted the cream of the crop among Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm’s new varieties. These are the 10 varieties that Zaks said CAST attendees were most excited about, among Danziger’s 85 new introductions.




Petunia ‘Littletunia Pink Frills’ – With small flowers, a mounded growth habit and early flowering, Pink Frills flowers continuously from early spring to fall with a multitude of flowers. It has excellent garden performance and is ideal for hanging baskets and mixed containers, and the pink and white bicolor was a favorite.

Verbena ‘Vanessa Deep Pink’ – Strikingly bright pink, large clusters of flowers bloom early on Vanessa’s upright habit that’s known for excellent branching and high tolerance to powdery mildew. This variety is both cold and heat tolerant and suitable for pots and hanging baskets.

Calibrachoa ‘Noa Violet Glint’ – This new eyecatcher offers variations of light to dark lavender, blooming in a profusion of flowers. It flowers in short days and blooms from early spring until late autumn on strongly branched plants with a semi-trailing growth habit. Violet Glint, like other Noa varieties, works in baskets, pots, mixed containers and windowboxes in sunny areas.

Lobularia ‘Raspberry Stream’ – Raspberry is a new, popular color addition to the Stream series, offering a semi-trailing growth habit and early flowering. It blooms with a floriferous, ball-shaped plant structure, and offers a honey scent. It’s heat-tolerant, flowering from early spring through fall, and looks great in mixed containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. This variety won a Plant of the Year distinction in Saxony, Germany.

Impatiens ‘Sun Harmony White’ – This new White color rounds out the Sun Harmony series, which provides garden and container performance in full sun to part shade. Highly tolerant to both high and low temperatures, Sun Harmony is well-branched and offers large flowers.

Bidens ‘Gold Jingle’ interspecific cross – In a new, golden color for the species, this Bidens ferulifolia offers abundant flowering with large, single or semi-double flowers. A lover of sun and heat, ‘Gold Jingle’ can also handle cold temperatures. It’s excellent for mixed containers, pots, hanging baskets and flowerbeds.

Bacopa ‘Scopia Double Lavender’ – With decorative, large, double flowers that bloom early on branched and compact plants, this variety performs well in full sun to partial shade. It’s ideal for pots, hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Scabiosa ‘Gelato Blueberry’ – This deep, rich new color in Scabiosa columbaria flowers in an abundance of rich, deep, unique Bordeaux blooms. Its mounded habit provides garden performance in flowerbeds or pots.


Goblet cyclamen from Varinova

Coreopsis ‘Solanna Glow’ – A new, soft-yellow color in perennial Coreopsis grandiflora, ‘Solanna Glow’ blooms profusely and continuously from early spring to fall, on a medium, compact habit. It’s a hardy perennial to zone 5 and works in the garden or in containers.

Reese Mixi Combination – Named after the late Reese Kikka, a very kind and dedicated Danziger teammate for many years, this new multi-crop mix container combines bacopa ‘Gulliver Blue,’ calibrachoa ‘Noa Violet’ and lobularia ‘Lavender Stream’ for a beautiful crush of blue and lavender.

Danziger also hosted Varinova, a Dutch cyclamen breeder. Featuring a new flower form in its Goblet series, the bloom is true to its name in that it forms a cup-like flower that’s white on the inner petals. Plants can be grown in 4-inch pots or miniature sizes, or produced in a glass or goblet in clear water, which provides interest from the bottoms up!