Danziger’s ‘Cascadias Rim Chianti’ Petunia Is Big Winner At Germany Trial

Danziger’s ‘Cascadias Rim Chianti’ Petunia Is Big Winner At Germany Trial

Cascadias Rim Chianti (Danziger)‘Cascadias Rim Chianti,’ a petunia from Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm, was selected as the top variety at this summer’s LVG Heidelberg, Germany, trial station.

‘Cascadias Rim Chianti’ was grown in containers and received a total score of 8.9 out of 9 in three out of four comparisons conducted from June through September.


The Heidelberg trial station describes ‘Cascadias Rim Chianti’ as “a strong plant with a mounded cascading habit and uniform growth,” also saying that its branching is particularly noteworthy.

This recognition is the latest for Cascadias series varieties. ‘Cascadias Indian Summer’ was named best petunia in Colorado State University’s 2015 best of annuals. ‘Cascadias Pitaya,’ ‘Autumn Mystery,’ and ‘Rim Chianti’ each received perfect scores at the LWG Bayern trial station in Germany.

The Cascadias collection features a spreading to mounded plant habit.Well-branched plants maintain full bloom all season long. The series offers a large assortment of flower colors: mono-colors, bicolors, and selections with contrasting veins. Cascadias varieties provide excellent weather tolerance and create a pleasing display in hanging baskets, pots, and as bedding plants.

“This is a great honor for Danziger to have our innovation recognized across the world,” says Gaby Danziger, Co-General Manager at Danziger..

For more information on ‘Cascadias Rim Chianti’ or any of Danziger’s products, visit www.danziger.co.il.