Download: 2012 Poinsettia Season Recap Whitepaper

Download: 2012 Poinsettia Season Recap Whitepaper

2012 Poinsettia Season Whitepaper

The majority of the respondents to our poinsettia season recap survey say they increased poinsettia production in 2012. The overall number of growers in the survey who say they are producing poinsettias, however, has decreased. The wholesale price of 6-inch poinsettias increased from an average of $5.15 to $7.16. How did other sizes fare in 2012?


Read the full results of our survey in our Poinsettis Season Recap Whitepaper. It includes all the data from the survey results and essay answers to questions including: “What were your final impressions of the 2012 poinsettia market?”

Download: 2012 Poinsettia Whitepaper