Dümmen Orange Enters Calla Market With Acquisition of Golden State Bulb Growers Portfolio

Dümmen Orange Enters Calla Market With Acquisition of Golden State Bulb Growers Portfolio

CallaFornia RedDümmen Orange is expanding its position in bulb and tuber breeding by entering the calla lily market. The company recently acquired Golden State Bulb Growers’ (GSBG) seeds stock and breeding pipeline of ‘Callafornia Calla,’ with the goal of offering an even broader portfolio of calla lily varieties to new and existing customers. Dümmen Orange also acquired a broad portfolio of calla varieties from Netherlands breeders G. Geerlings & Zonen B.V. and Sande.

Aside from Callafornia Callas, the GSBG acquisition also includes AmeriHybrid Scentiment Begonia, Aloha Lily Eucomis, Caribbean Jewels Scilla, and Callafornia Diva Aethiopica product lines. GSBG will continue to supply the market through September 2018, at which time Dümmen Orange will assume supply and delivery of these product lines to GSBG customers.


Changes in macroeconomic conditions in California have made it less profitable to breed and grow flower bulbs, tubers, and cut flowers, according to a statement from GSBG ownership and management, which decided that it would be best for their customers, products, and shareholders to search for a new owner who could move crop production to a more economical location and invest more in breeding and marketing.

As of October 1, 2018, Dümmen Orange will begin shipping Callafornia Calla tubers from The Netherlands to GSBG customers. The cultivation of Callafornia Callas is already underway in The Netherlands. For the other crops, Dümmen Orange is exploring options to cultivate them in Europe and Central America. Dümmen Orange will employ several key GSBG employees to ensure a smooth transition of all the product lines.

Golden State Bulb Growers is a fifth-generation family business located on California’s Central Coast. The company has been growing flower bulbs and tubers since 1911. GSBG is focused on the development and production of bulbs, tubers, and cut flowers for domestic and international retail and wholesale markets.

For Dümmen Orange, the new, combined calla business creates a global leader in calla breeding: Geerlings’ experience in cultivation and processing of different kinds of calla tubers, combined with the established portfolio of products from GSBG and Sande, and the leading breeding programs from Sande and GSBG.

The combination of Dümmen Orange’s global sales reach and modern breeding capabilities will result in a superior offering to customers worldwide and further innovation, especially in the introduction of disease resistance and yield traits, according to the company.