Dümmen Orange Expands Its Succulent Offerings Through New Partnership With Wander Tuinier B.V.

Dümmen Orange Expands Its Succulent Offerings Through New Partnership With Wander Tuinier B.V.

Succulent Combos_blue sky2Dümmen Orange has long been a leading breeder and developer of cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, and perennials. Now it is adding to its succulents portfolio through a new partnership with Wander Tuinier B.V., a Netherlands-based company that has been active in the market of unrooted succulent cuttings for more than 10 years. In the past couple of years, the company has increased its assortment and the total amount of unrooted succulent cuttings substantially.

According to Kate Santos, Operations Director at Dümmen Orange, the commercial succulent assortment from Wander Tuinier is the broadest in the world, and there is some overlap between its standing assortment and the existing assortment Dümmen offers through Antigua Flowers.


The Wander Tuinier assortment will continue to be produced out of the three Wander production locations in Mozambique, Kenya, and Costa Rica, Santos says.

“Our existing Antigua Flowers assortment will be integrated into the Wander Tuinier succulent offering, and that portion of the program will continue to be supplied out of Antigua Flowers.”

Menno van der Straten is a succulent specialist who has worked closely with each of Wander’s production locations, and he will oversee product scheduling and quality, Santos says.

So why did Dümmen Orange decide to expand its succulent offerings?

“Succulents are an attractive growth category because of their ease of use, shelf life in stores, drought tolerance, and versatility in application,” Santos says. “The opportunity to cross-merchandize these with classes like kalanchoe brings another element to our overall assortment. We are looking forward to being able to offer this assortment to our existing customer base as well as having the chance to expand into other customer categories who specialize in succulents.”

Wander Tuinier, owner of his namesake company, says he is happy with the partnership.

“Now that we are a part of Dümmen Orange, we will have access to a broader portfolio of products and professional production facilities to increase our existing volume,” Tuinier says. “Sharing of knowledge, experience, and sales networks between Dümmen Orange and us will benefit both companies. We will be able to facilitate our growth better. Our customers will benefit from the expansion in production and the range of varieties in the succulents program. Continuation of customer satisfaction is our ultimate drive.”

“Dümmen Orange will continue to fill in white spots in its product offering by teaming up with successful companies like Wander Tuinier B.V., while further advancing our own product portfolio,” says Biense Visser, CEO at Dümmen Orange. “Adding succulents to our assortment increases the opportunities of cross selling to our existing customers.