Dümmen USA Confetti Garden

Dümmen USA Confetti Garden

Dümmen USA saw a need in the early 2000s for a simpler, easier way for growers to produce and sell mixed variety containers. Introduced to the industry in spring 2007 after extensive testing, and available for the spring 2008 consumer gardening season, RED FOX Confetti Garden combinations have consistently been viewed as innovative, timesaving, profit-increasing products.

Two of the original Confettis are still top sellers even going into the fifth season: Purple Cleopatra and Hot Pink Jazz. Now featuring up to 29 different mixes, Confetti Garden has combinations that appeal to a broad array of gardeners.


An Array Of Choices

The line is split into five sub-series: Confetti Garden Aloha features Aloha calibrachoa; Duo Confetti Garden features Sweetunia, Potunia and/or Surprise petunias; Duo Confetti Garden Potunia features Potunia petunias; Trio Confetti Garden Empress features Empress verbenas; and Trio Confetti Garden Mix features three different genera. All are extensively trialed and tested prior to launch, and grower customer input has been instrumental in guiding the development of the line.

Confetti Garden combinations are available to growers as either unrooted or rooted cuttings. Unrooted cuttings are delivered directly from Dümmen owned and operated production greenhouses in El Salvador. Growers receive Confetti in a Box, with everything needed to get started with 400 Confetti Garden mixes, including stick tags. Rooted cuttings are delivered as liners–ready for transplanting–from rooting station partners in the Northeast, Midwest and West regions, as well as Canada. 

With either approach, growers receive all the components for their combination planters together in one location at the same time. Planting combination containers with Confetti Garden liners saves time on the planting line, and it makes giving instructions to the planting crew simple and easy. It also results in the correct look for the finished container.

Confetti Garden liners are grown to assure an explosion of growth when transplanted in the finished container, requiring minimal manipulation by the grower. Complete cultural and production guidelines are online at DummenUSA.com, under the Services section.

New For 2012

An innovative program underway for the 2012 season is Dümmen’s True Grower Guarantee. For orders of rooted cuttings of Confetti Garden Trio products, all three genera will be rooted in the liner–or it’s free. Late or substituted orders are also free. Dümmen is confident in its production and logistics capabilities now that its new Las Mercedes production site in El Salvador is running at full speed with 50 acres of greenhouse and 1,500 skilled associates producing cuttings.

Capturing Consumers

Working closely with its design agency, John Henry Company and Summit/Janor, Dümmen offers eye-catching point-of-purchase merchandising aids to accelerate sales for growers and their retail customers. From artfully designed pots and banners to a dedicated consumer microsite with QR code support on hangtags, Confetti Garden products can be supported at the retail level. See the materials in your 2012 spring catalog or visit DummenUSA.com for more information.