Experts Tips for Making Your Combos Pop With Consumers

Sunglasses Combo Four Star Greenhouses successful combosGrowers who want to create successful combos must first answer a few questions, including whether the plants will grow well together, if they reflect popular colors, and if home gardeners will like the combination once they’ve spent weeks growing it. 

Ian McGreevy, Four Star Greenhouses’ Signature Garden Designer, offers a few simple tips to creating successful combinations. 


Pay Attention to the Color Trends Predicted by Experts 

The Color of the Year from Pantone has embodied the spirit of the modern consumer from fashion to home decoratingFor 2019, Pantone chose Living Coral, a color that “embodies our desire for playful expression.” 

Track Winning Combinations 

Four Star’s bar code tracking of retail sales gives accurate data on real buyers’ preferences. This information can help you plan for solid 2020 sales by growing the most popular combinations. 

Mix Traditional Annuals Combinations 

Who doesn’t love surprises? Creative growers are introducing non-traditional elements to make combinations more versatile for home gardeners with evolving tastes. Mixing in perennials, shrubs, tropical, even herbs and vegetables, can add value for gardeners interested in getting more out of their combinations. 

Don’t Forget Combinations for the Shade 

Combinations with shade-loving varieties continue to grow in popularity, especially when retailers highlight them. Many new varieties have been developed to thrive in both sun and shade, and are ideal for both hanging baskets and upright containers. 

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