‘Field Of Dreams’ Decorative Corn Unveiled

‘Field Of Dreams’ Decorative Corn Unveiled

'Field Of Dreams' Decorative Corn Unveiled 

“Field Of Dreams” hit the big screen more than 20 years ago. Now ‘Field Of Dreams’ is coming to a garden center near you.


Well, ‘Field Of Dreams’ zea, that is. And zea as in corn. Floranova is unveiling its much-talked about decorative corn during the California Spring Trials this week. Sales won’t be made so much because of the corn ‘Field Of Dreams’ produces, but because of the variety’s unique variegated leaves.

Kate Monaghan, the supply chain director for Floranova’s Vegetalis line, says growers can easily control the size of ‘Field Of Dreams’ by the size of the pots they produce ‘Field Of Dreams’ in. Monaghan also says ‘Field Of Dreams’ prefers dry conditions. The drier the conditions, the more impressive the variegation on the leaves gets.

It’s also recommended that growers sow three or four seeds into one pot. Growers will get maximum impact with three or four seeds, and within a few weeks leaves will begin to develop their variegated design.

‘Field Of Dreams’ is just one exciting new variety in the Vegetalis line, though. Another standout is ‘Cherry Falls’ tomato, whose name is perfect considering its tomatoes are a bright cherry read and whose habit cascades like an elegant waterfall. Plant ‘Cherry Falls’ on the edge of a raised bed and watch hundreds of tomatoes stream downward throughout the summer.

Peppers are a Vegetalis specialty, as well, and ‘Chezno,’ ‘Loco’ and ‘Basket Of Fire’ are new options for growers.

Learn more about Vegetalis online at www.vegetalis.co.uk and Floranova online at www.floranova.com.