Find Top Garden Mum Varieties by Color

Find Top Garden Mum Varieties by Color

Radiant-Red-Ball-MumsThe success of garden mums is largely driven by color. Fortunately, years of collected data for trials, performance, and sales at Ball Mums has helped determine the percentages of each color class that make up the top mixes on a national level.

“Ball Seed often gets questions about the top varieties by color, and like any plant question, the answer can be regional and impacted by crop timing and the anticipated retail sales window,” says Linda Kiscellus, Business Manager for Business Manager for Ball Mums.


With this in mind, the Ball Mums team has compiled all trial and performance data, and recently shared its Top Garden Mum Varieties By Color. The list shows the popular color classes, with two or more top performers recommended in order to cover multiple timing ranges from early- to late-season garden mum varieties.

“The varieties we listed have vibrancy and durability,” says Cindy Drumgool, the new Ball Mums Product Manager, who brings more than 20 years of production and retail experience to the team. “So when the weather works against sales, these mums will still look great and have consumer appeal.”

In addition to the color trends and performance list, Ball Mums recently released its 2019 New Variety Supplement brochure.

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