Floranova Adds New Colors To The Bossa Nova Series

Floranova Adds New Colors To The Bossa Nova Series

Floranova received some excellent feedback from the market about its Bossa Nova Begonia boliviensis series after introducing the first six colors in 2014. That recognition included receiving Greenhouse Grower’s Medal Of Excellence Editor’s Choice Award during Evening Of Excellence at Cultivate’14.

At California Spring Trials, Floranova introduced six new colors for the Bossa Nova series that it will add for 2016, and whereas the original six were bright and vibrant colors, the new ones are softer, including a new white variety. All have the same large flowers and a vigorous, trailing habit, and are available in multi-pelleted seed.




Other notable varieties at Floranova include its new ‘North Face’ alyssum, a tetraploid variety that is seed-raised and is positioned to compete with vegetatively propagated lobularia, but with less expense on inputs.

New red varieties round out the large-flowered Espresso petunia series. Floranova also has a Cloud Nine ageratum series that’s earlier than competitors.

On the vegetable side, sister company Vegetalis didn’t have any new varieties, but it is working harder on marketing its plants. The HGTV HOME Garden Collection picked up a significant number of Vegetalis genetics for its Patio Veggies & Herbs Collection. Additionally, Vegetalis is working with John Henry to create new tags with QR codes, promoting Patio Edibles, veggie and herb six-packs and tray presentations to allow growers to give consumers a well-rounded offering of edibles.