Four Plant and Garden Trends to Watch in 2019

Four Plant and Garden Trends to Watch in 2019


Zinnia ‘Double Sahara Salmon’ (PanAmerican Seed)

In a recent post on PanAmerican Seed’s blog page, Claire Josephson, Product Marketing Manager for Ball Horticultural Company, highlights four plant and garden trends for 2019 that present major opportunities for growers.


Living Coral (Pantone’s Color of the Year)

Living Coral is animating, according to PanAmerican Seed’s color intelligence team. It energizes and enlivens indoor and outdoor spaces.

Vegetables And Herbal Living

From the joy of eating local to the increased mental health tending a garden brings, the home-grown vegetables movement is winding its way into the hearts of the next generation. Beyond providing a sense of accomplishment at serving guests a homegrown meal, today’s vegetable gardener enjoys the whole experience and seeks out unique ways to grow and use their produce.

Indoor and Potted Plants

Houseplants help clean the air, brighten your mood, and let you explore your nurturing side. PanAmerican Seed sees this movement as the gateway to gardening outdoors as well.

The Resurgence of Impatiens

The loss of garden impatiens to disease has left quite a hole in consumer gardens and pro-landscape plantings over the past several years. Now, with the emergence of genetics exhibiting high resistance to Plasmorpara obducens, the cause of impatiens downy mildew, season-long color performance can once again meet market demand.

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