Gaura ‘Sparkle White’ Wins 2014 AAS Award

Gaura ‘Sparkle White’ Wins 2014 AAS Award

Gaura 'Sparkle White' from Kieft Seed has a long bloom time and shorter crop time than other seed-produced gauras.

Gaura ‘Sparkle White’, a beautiful and elegant “thriller” for
mixed containers and garden landscapes has been named an All-America Selections Winner for 2014. Bred by Kieft Seed, ‘Sparkle White was chosen for its long flowering time and
impressive stature, and it thrilled judges in trials nationwide.


‘Sparkle White’ is a durable, heat and drought tolerant variety that has a carefree lifecycle. It is not prone to insects or disease. In addition to its excellent garden performance,
‘Sparkle White’ is faster than other seed gaura by 2 to 3 weeks, comprable to vegetative plants in terms of crop time.

“Winning an All-America Selections award for ‘Sparkle White’ is very satisfying, as AAS is a trusted and established testing organization in North America,” says Mary O’Connor,
Global Product Manager for Kieft Seed. “Consumers will enjoy adding ‘Sparkle White’ to their home garden designs, and growers will enjoy the ease of producing this winner.”

As a 2014 AAS winner, seed for Gaura ‘Sparkle White’ is available now for immediate sale. For further plant information and culture details, visit

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