Great Plants for 2018 That Stand Up to Heat and Humidity

Great Plants for 2018 That Stand Up to Heat and Humidity


Echinacea ‘Sombrero Grenada Gold’

For the many years I was associated with the University of Georgia (UGA) Trial Gardens, we would take data on plant performance every two weeks. At the end of the season, we not only noted what plants were still standing, but also which plants were performing best at every station.


I knew that when I left the UGA Trial Gardens, they would get even better. With the leadership of Dr. John Ruter and under the extraordinary management of Brandon Coker, the gardens continue to thrive, supported by the world’s finest plant breeders.


Colocasia ‘Royal Hawaiian Aloha’

The Classic City Awards are one of the highlights for Ruter and Coker. They have come up with an extensive list of plants that continually outperformed others throughout the season. These awards are huge recognitions from the Trial Gardens at UGA. A Classic City award-winning plant should be on every broker list, grower list, and garden center offering.

Anyone interested in trialing, visiting, and touring the gardens simply needs to check out Ruter and Coker love showing off great plants from great breeders.


Canna ‘Toucan Scarlet‘

Classic City Awards – 2017 Season
Caladium ‘Candyland’ (Classic Caladiums)
Calibrachoa ‘Colibri Plum’ (Danziger)
Canna ‘Toucan Scarlet‘ (Proven Winners)
Catharanthus ‘Mega Bloom Strawberry’ (Ameriseed)
Colocasia ‘Royal Hawaiian Aloha’ (Proven Winners)
Echinacea ‘Sombrero Grenada Gold’ (Darwin Perennials)
Petunia ‘Cascadia Red Lips’ (Danziger)
Petunia ‘Supertunia Hot Pink Charm’ (Proven Winners)
Salvia ‘Cathedral Sky Blue’ (Green Fuse Botanicals)
Scaevola ‘Scampi Blue’ (Green Fuse Botanicals)
Solenostemon ‘FlameThrower Spiced Curry’ (Ball FloraPlant)

The reasons UGA honored each of these plants and excellent photos are found at under “Classic City Winners.”

Visit any time, after all, that’s what plant trials are for?