Greenheart Develops Roses As Bedding Plants

Greenheart Develops Roses As Bedding Plants

Greenheart Develops Roses As Bedding Plants

Garden Treasures, a Greenheart Farms collection of micro-miniature roses, has been developed for use in bedding plant-type applications. Garden Treasures can be sold as annuals in 2 ¼-inch pots and up to 1-quart containers.


“We are looking forward to enhancing our rose programs here at Greenheart,” says Bill DeVor, general manager at Greenheart Farms. “These roses come straight from the Nor’East collection. Consumers, as well as growers, are going to fall in love with this versatile, easy-to-grow line of  roses.”

Characteristics of the collection include: a compact growing habit with good disease-resistance; maximum height of 12 inches by 12 inches wide; heavy-branching plants with branches coming from the crown of the plant; small foliage; heavy bloomers; and self cleaning. The rose collection is hardy to USDA Zones 4b to 11.

Garden Treasures includes eight varieties: ‘Pieces of Eight,’ ‘Rubellite,’ ‘Blushing Mate,’ ‘Star Ruby,’ ‘Citrine,’ ‘True Pearl,’ ‘Gemstone’ and ‘Crimson Treasure.’

What does Allan Armitage think of the collection? He got a first look at them during California Spring Trials back in April, and he shares his opinion at

Liners will be available from Greenheart beginning July 1. For additional information about Greenheart Farms, visit You can check out the new Garden Treasures collection at OFA Short Course in Columbus, July 10-13. Visit Greenheart’s booth, No. 2030.