HGTV Celebrates New Simplified Order Fulfillment And Extended Retail Relationships

HGTV Celebrates New Simplified Order Fulfillment And Extended Retail Relationships

The HGTV brand continues to grow, as consumer interest in products associated with the popular home improvement brand increases. Streamlined ordering will help growers improve plant quality and reduce frustration.

This year’s big deal at HGTV is its new alliance with young plant grower EuroAmerican Propagators. The partnership allows one-stop-shop ordering for young plants, which will allow growers to receive the plants for containers at the same time, so they can be stuck together, in an HGTV box. Previously, growers would often receive cuttings from multiple locations, at different times, in boxes that didn’t indicate they were from HGTV. This caused growers to not be able to stick cuttings at the same time — a major issue in production, especially for combination plantings.


Rolling out to Lowe’s Canada stores, HGTV simulated a mass merchandiser display, to demonstrate how that would look. It’s important to the brand, says representative Maria Zampini, that the supply chain understands how HGTV can live in all of the retail channels, including big box retailers, independent garden centers, and supermarkets. New EZ Shippers for supermarkets were highlighted for grocery store chains, showing how stores could try out the brand at their store in a smaller quantity.

HGTV is continuing its message to consumers that they can have one-step style, with combinations that match their own personalities, by buying a combination and customizing it with a pot they like to decorate their outdoor living space. The brand has brought some interesting new genetics into the collection, including two new sizes of gerbera daisies, a new yellow StarShine begonia (Bossa Nova from Floranova), and a cool new parsley that doesn’t bolt and will provide interest in foodscaping and can be grown in miniature gardens.

Quart-size veggies are also available in three-packs, and the bigger size is nice because plants are already fruiting when consumers buy and plant them, Zampini says. All veggie varieties in the collection thus far are from Vegetalis.

HGTV’s collection offers a mix of seed and vegetative items, which is important to growers who want to balance the costs of their live inputs, so they can improve their profit margins, Zampini says.

Check out highlights from HGTV in the slideshow.