HGTV HOME Plant Collection Releases Chic Black & White Annual Mixes

HGTV HOME Plant Collection Releases Chic Black & White Annual Mixes

The Chic Black & White annuals mixes feature a varieties of black and white flower combinations.

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection is now making its innovative Chic Black & White Annuals mixes available to retailers in anticipation of the full Expressions Annuals Collection launch in the Spring of 2013. The three Black & White mixes include Black Magic, Midnight White and Black Tie Affair.


Chic Black & White

Chic Black & White is available in true gallon mixes and decorative containers with individual components offered in quarts, increasing the marketing possibilities for retailers. The entire Expressions collection offers growers and retailers a fresh take on gardening solutions.  The collection also takes the guesswork out of plant selection by creating carefully chosen mixed varieties.

The debut collection features mixed plant varieties in complementary color families that are matched in timing for balanced growth and consistent color. The annuals, mixed containers and hanging baskets are designed to perform well in consumer gardens and outdoor living spaces.

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection

The 2013 collection of annuals, including Chic Black & White, was developed by Agricola Management Group, in conjunction with HGTV. The HGTV HOME Plant Collection 2013 Annuals Catalog is available to select growers and retailers at

“We are excited to release our Chic Black & White mixes – our newest Expressions Annuals – to retailers,” says Marketing Manager Sarah Hayes. “The Chic Black & White mixes are proven, tested mixes designed to streamline production with superior genetics for growers while driving more sales opportunities for participating retailers. What’s more, these mixes feature the of-the-moment color palette of soft blacks and whites, which is on trend for Spring 2013 and very appealing to consumers. Our grower partners and retailers trust the superior genetics and marketing support behind the HGTV HOME Plant Collection while media-savvy gardening enthusiasts trust the HGTV brand.”

The Expressions collection including Chic Black & White is supported by HGTV Know How!, which refers to the plant care tips, landscaping inspiration and gardening ideas featured on the products, online and in retail stores.