HGTV Incorporates Plants Into Lifestyles And Helps Consumers Solve Design And Function Concerns

HGTV Incorporates Plants Into Lifestyles And Helps Consumers Solve Design And Function Concerns

When we visited Dümmen’s site at Edna Valley Vineyard, the HGTV HOME Plant Collection display was teeming with excited visitors checking out the new varieties, designer mixes and concepts.

Three messages were clear:
1. HGTV HOME is more than a plant brand. It’s a consumer lifestyle brand with a plant collection.
2. HGTV has been and continues to be the go-to resource for homeowners for more than 20 years.
3. HGTV is a trendsetter.


Nancy Fire, HGTV’s product line design director, travels worldwide, learning about homeowner trends, and she brings all of those ideas back to the brand, leading the team to produce stunning home decor that encompasses the looks and styles seen on HGTV and

Using that same attention to detail and a keen eye for beauty, this year’s Spring Trials display profiled three different women from three different areas of the country, their style trends and individual garden issues. By interviewing these women and finding out and paying attention to what colors they like and their concerns, HGTV is able to offer a custom solution for each.



New tags highlight these and other design trends, and offer curated garden solutions to help consumers find what they need – like drought-tolerant, water-saving plants for hot and dry conditions, shade-tolerant plants or plants that are deer-resistant. Their color-coding takes the guesswork out of gardening, so consumers can find the plants that suit their specific needs. The brand is also listening to consumers to stay on trend with older offerings.

HGTV’s new introductions include different sizes of succulent combinations. The smaller sizes can be bought in pre-made, and if consumers want bigger combos, they are provided with recipes to create their own.

For the second year, the brand is expanding its line of Patio Veggies & Herbs, and it’s also looking at adding veggie and flower combos. It’s brought in several varieties of patio vegetables from the Vegetalis line, and it’s working on some new mixes for fall that will incorporate these with flowers, like Floranova’s Bossa Nova begonia, for example. The veggie line also added Plug Connection’s grafted tomatoes and dwarf grape, which it calls Patio Pinot, its variegated kale and Ketchup & Fries tomtato.

Maria Zampini, who works with HGTV and its plant selection committees, says the brand is very collaborative with its growers, and listens to their ideas and opinions about what works, what doesn’t and what should be taken out of the line or added. She says this also allows growers to tailor the offerings to their regional needs across the country.

HGTV HOME Plant Collection has been mostly promoted to independent garden centers, retail grocery stores and regional chains, but the brand is also working on a regional rollout with the Home Depot in the Southwest.