Hoffman Nursery Has A New 30-Year Anniversary Look!

Hoffman Nursery Has A New 30-Year Anniversary Look!

Hoffman Nursery logo with tagline

Hoffman Nursery’s new logo stays true to the original, while getting a fresh, modern look with sleek lines.

Hoffman Nursery is celebrating its 30-year anniversary with a new look — an updated company logo and website that reflect the company’s commitment to the future and its increased growth.


The new logo stays true to the original, but now has a modern look with clean lines and bold text. The refreshed website packs in more content than before, in an easy-to-navigate format. A mobile version allows growers and those in the field to reference the information easily any time. Lush images accompany strong visuals to direct users toward the most requested features — the plant search, plant profiles, and current availability. Throughout the site, quick links let users request a catalog, sign up for the nursery’s mailing list, or contact the sales team.

Updated plant profiles offer detailed descriptions, beautiful photography, and tips for container production and landscape use. A section on ordering makes it easy to take the next steps and get plants on the way. Readers who want to dig a little deeper can access expanded information for growers, get fascinating facts about popular plant groups, and increase their grass knowledge in the “Learn” section.

“Our customers’ time is valuable, so our priority is giving them information that matters and is easy to find,” says Marketing Director Shannon Currey. “The website reflects our commitment to being a resource and serving their needs.”

Nursery Founders John and Jill Hoffman are pleased with the new look.

“It was hard to say goodbye to our first logo, especially after 30 years, and we liked our previous website,” says Jill Hoffman. “However, as our nursery expands, and we enter new markets, we wanted to greet our customers with a fresh perspective.”

Over the past several years, the nursery has streamlined production and shipping operations to help their customers get and grow better grasses. Improved stock and new techniques allowed the Hoffman Nursery team to increase turns, improve consistency, and expedite shipping. A new greenhouse almost doubles their growing space under cover. They’ve also expanded offerings to include more plants for green infrastructure and have encouraged fellow growers to share in this emerging market.

The new website and logo went live on June 1, 2016.