Hort Couture Brokers Offer No-Risk Guarantee

Hort Couture Brokers Offer No-Risk Guarantee

The three brokers offering Hort Couture plants are offering a money-back guarantee on both liners and finished plants for growers and retailers for Spring 2010. They are telling retailers and growers if they do not recoup the cost of the plants, the brokers will refund the difference.

The three brokers carrying the program are Eason Horticultural, Fred C. Gloeckner Co. and McHutchison.


“We want IGCs (independent garden centers) and growers to get behind our brand to make it the leading choice for those companies that are impassioned to see the independent sector of our industry thrive,” says Jim Monroe, Hort Couture CEO. “This guarantee makes getting involved in Hort Couture stress free.”

The Hort Couture line is exclusive to the independent channel. To find out more, visit the Hort Couture website.