Industry Perspective: McHutchison’s Vaughn Fletcher On New Intros At Danziger And Beekenkamp

Industry Perspective: McHutchison’s Vaughn Fletcher On New Intros At Danziger And Beekenkamp

Vaughn Fletcher with McHutchison Horticultural Distributors is part of Greenhouse Grower‘s Medal Of Excellence For Industry’s Choice Panel. Fletcher recounts some of the standout varieties he saw while visiting Danziger “Dan” Flower Farms and Beekenkamp during California Spring Trials.



Angelonia ‘Alonia Pink Romance’ – Danziger introduced the Big series two years ago with dark foliage and a strong, upright habit with a white eye. This new intro is pink with a white eye and complements the series. The series has been outstanding in trials, and is now available in six colors and in unrooted or from liner suppliers.

Impatiens ‘Sun Harmony White’ – This color has been missing from the series but arrives in 2016 and appears to have the best branching, flower canopy and uniformity of the series. Sun Harmony is now comprised of 13 colors for 2016.



Lobularia ‘Raspberry Stream’ – This is a compact intro for 2016 with dark pink to raspberry color. The color seems to fade in the southern trials as the season progresses, but it should maintain a more vibrant, intense color in the northern states. The series is now comprised of four compact and three semi-trailing varieties.

Nemesia ‘Nesia Snow Angel’ – Danziger introduced Sunshine for 2015. It was outstanding in summer trials, great branching and floriferous, so if this new color performs as well as Sunshine, it will be a significant intro.

Verbena Vanessa Series – Danziger introduced Top Red and Cascading Red in 2015, a new generation of verbena. Both varieties performed exceptionally well in southern and northern trials last year. This year, Danziger is introducing ‘Vanessa Top Deep Pink’ and ‘Vanessa Koi,’ a bicolor white/red. The bicolor verbenas are ubiquitous now and available from many breeders.

Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Solanna Glow’ – It’s hardy to Zone 5 and compact, with a mounded habit and light yellow flowers with dark yellow centers. I have observed ‘Solanna Golden Sphere’ in many trials from north to south the past few years, and it is undoubtedly the finest double coreopsis available, so if this new single-flowering variety exhibits many of the same attributes, it will be added to many programs for 2016.

Veronica ‘Ronica Dark Pink’ – This new series is available in two colors, requires no vernalization and is hardy to Zone 4. I saw it in the Costa trial in late March, and it was outstanding, extremely floriferous and with a great upright habit, and strong vibrant color.


Kelos Fire, a vegetative celosia series, is not new to the market; however, it has gained traction with the introduction of additional colors and greater availability for 2016. Two additional unrooted farms will offer the entire series, and we expect liner suppliers that offer Beekenkamp begonias to add this celosia series to their offering. I saw them at the Costa trial and thought the best performing varieties were ‘Kelos Fire Purple,’ ‘Kelos Fire Orange’ and ‘Kelos Fire Scarlet.’