Just For The IGCs

Just For The IGCs

Just For The IGCs

It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years since Hort Couture entered the marketplace with the goal of providing plants exclusively for the independent garden center (IGC) channel. Hort Couture is still delivering on its promise, and it’s introducing several new plants and series for growers serving independents at this week’s California Spring Trials.

In all, Hort Couture resources more than 20 breeding companies. For 2012, it is introducing 28 new plants, including Under The Sea coleus. Jim Monroe, the CEO of Hort Couture, is excited about these coleus in part because of their unique leaves.


“Each leaflet has a secondary subleaf,” he says. “What you get is this almost crustacean-type effect.”

Hence the name Under The Sea. Kimono calibrachoa are new from Hort Couture, as well. These calibrachoa were bred by Westhoff as compact plants for hanging baskets. Monroe can even see growers producing Kimono in 4-inch containers for those who want tighter production.

“Kimono is a great example of what Hort Couture wants to be in the market,” Monroe says. “We want to be a portal for the small-to-medium breeder to be able to keep quality genetics in the independent channel in our industry. We are very impassioned with not only working with the garden retailer, but also the breeder. We want to allow the breeder the opportunity to not have to feel like they have to go to the box channel to gain the revenues they need–and provide a portal for their breeding to stay in the independent channel.”

Three other exciting new varieties from Hort Couture are:

– ‘Snow Globe’ lobularia, a variety Monroe referred to as a more compact ‘Snow Princess’;
–’Mannequin Blue Skies’ salvia, a very low-care plant throughout the season; and
–’Flare Gold Elf’ bidens, which is a compact bidens.

“We’re very proud of what we’re doing to help the independent channel grow in the world of floriculture,” Monroe says.

Learn more about Hort Couture online at www.hortcoutureplants.com.