Labeling New Plants for Consumer Success (Video)

Labeling New Plants for Consumer Success (Video)

Consumers don’t always look at new plants the same way plant industry people do. In the video below, Greenhouse Grower Editor Janeen Wright and Contributing Editor Allan Armitage discuss different ways to talk about new plants for consumer success.

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Liz King says:

Interesting discussion, Allan and Janeen. I’m not a grower or a retailer of plants—I’m the consumer out there that is one of those avid (perhaps rabid) gardeners. I think you’re right that most consumers might not care if a plant is a “new” introduction, but for me and my more avid gardener friends, it might be of interest. I like trying something new, but honestly, I can many times spot something new (or at least new to me). I’ve grown most things my zone will allow, so I tend to notice different introductions. That said, plant tag real estate is small and I’d rather see: 1) Zone info, 2) Light/shade requirements, 3) Mature size dimensions, 4) any other special care instructions that plant may have. Perhaps a garden center could add some small signs to the plant display that say “New Introduction” instead of adding it to the tag. I hear GCs tend to reuse tags year to year to save money, so adding “New” to tags might limit their shelf life.