Lots Of Love For Lofos

Lots Of Love For Lofos

Lots Of Love For Lofos

Lofos is a unique and totally different bedding plant bred by Suntory Flowers. This variety features large trumpet-shaped flowers and heart-shaped dark green foliage with delicately serrated edges.


For 2011, two varieties are available to the market, including the new White which joins the exquisite Wine Red that’s been on the market for a few years. These marvelous vines bloom early and throughout most of the year. Lofos is as vigorous as ipomoea and it’s resistant to major diseases and pests.


Lofos is perfect for a hanging basket or patio containers with its trailing habit, dense foliage and elegant vines. Suntory recommends using it in window or balcony boxes or using it as a vine against a wall or trellis. To make plants climb, some guides will be required. And depending on the climate, Lofos is a tender or a half-hardy plant. Lofos can grow well in warm conditions, but it will continue to grow and flower in cooler seasons. It is moderate in water use.

Flowering Characteristics

Lofos is easy to bloom, as the crop will be ready to market five to six weeks after potting. Flowers are tubular in shape and will sit up and look you right in the eye, with their eye-catching, long, deep-red or white stamens.

Growing Scheme

Four-, 6-inch, gallon pots and hanging baskets are ideal. The timing of your crops depends very much on your growing temperature and light levels. Pinching is recommended a few weeks after potting.

Growth Media

Use a good bedding plant mixture. The pH should be kept somewhere around 6.0 to 6.5.


Lofos seems to be able to grow at warmer and colder temperatures. Anything between 50 and 60°F will do. A colder temperature will keep it more compact and will delay the growing. Suntory’s recommended growing temperature is 60°F
As for light, the more the better. Lofos can take full sun in the greenhouse and will tolerate shade in the garden.


In its early stages, Lofos requires sufficient water to develop strong root systems. In later stages, Lofos is moderate in its use of water. Growers will especially have to control watering amounts in pots or baskets. Lofos is a vigorous-growing plant growers will have to control by giving little water.


Lofos is a heavy feeder. Feed it continually using a guide of 1.2 mS EC. The vigorous growth requires plenty of fertilizer. When growing in small pots, do not feed too much because it will stimulate vigorous growth.