‘Lucky Lantern Abutilon Red’ Is The Latest Dwarf Abutilon

‘Lucky Lantern Abutilon Red’ Is The Latest Dwarf Abutilon

Lucky Lantern Abutilon Red

‘Lucky Lantern Abutilon Red’ (‘NUABRED’) is the latest addition to the Lucky Lantern series of new compact generic dwarf Abutilons.These plants have a tight rounded habit, providing perfect support for the outward-faced bell-shaped flowers.


They are quick and easy to grow; needing one pinch of the central stem which will establish the bushy habit, and no further pinching is required. The quick finish time, from a 72 cell pack to a quart planted in spring, takes just 6-8 weeks.

The masses of buds and flowers allow for a long retail shelf life. The flowers give superb coverage of color and have a long blooming season, which make them an option for many gardening uses and applications.

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