New Loropetalum Variety Hits The Market

New Loropetalum Variety Hits The Market

'Garnet Fire' loropetalum

Aptly named after the gemstone, ‘Garnet Fire’ loropetalum’s burgundy foliage brings another shade of red to the poinsettia-dominated winter landscape. This evergreen shrub is also known as Chinese Fringe Flower.


From late winter through spring, garnet-red, tassel-like flowers with narrow, fringe-like petals blossom against darker leaves. Individual flowers persist for weeks, which allow the plant to bloom for months, beginning with sporadic flowering the previous fall. It produces inconspicuous black fruit in the summer, as well.

Although the full sun marks the recommended sun exposure, the versatile plant can thrive in partial shade. An adaptable soil type and proven draught resistance once the roots are established, this variety adds color across much of the United States. In ideal conditions, the plant matures to a height range of 5 to 7 feet and a spread of 4 to 6 feet.