New One Touch Container Combos From Benary Simplify Planning And Planting

New One Touch Container Combos From Benary Simplify Planning And Planting

Petunias, lobelia, senecio and celosia make up just one of the many One Touch container combinations.

Making life easier for growers is the main goal behind Benary’s new One Touch container program, and for that reason in particular, I liked this product. Designed to literally be touched just one time at planting, these combinations require no PGRs and no pinching. Plugs (128s) are planted into finished containers according to a schematic diagram, and after six weeks on the bench, they are ready for sale.


“Plant once, touch once. That’s it,” says Jennifer Calhoun, product support specialist at Benary. “We want to make it easy to be successful.”

“We know mixed containers are one of the best SKUs at retail. The challenge is to find good, workable combinations,” Calhoun says.

There are nearly 50 pre-designed combinations, or templates, in the One Touch program. Most are designed to be planted with 128-sized plugs, although some are for 288s. They are all designed to time together and have compatible fertilization, watering and other cultural requirements. Calhoun says the colors were also chosen carefully, keeping consumers in mind.

Petunias, pansies, alyssum, lobelia, senecio, celosia and calendula were among the plants included in the containers. They were attractive combinations, and are plants that typically aren’t too difficult for even inexperienced gardeners to grow.

While many mixed containers already on the market are designed to be planted with seed, One Touch combos are designed for plugs. Calhoun says that way, a grower, and more importantly, the retailer, will know exactly what they are going to receive. Designs usually include three different plants, three plugs each of two varieties and one in the center. The plugs can be ordered from any broker that carries Benary products.